The Uses of Facebook for Businesses

The Uses of Facebook for Businesses

It is no secret that Facebook is the most popular social networking site. With around 1.15 billion users currently registered, it is one of the easiest ways to promote either yourself or your company. At Global Power and Construction, we utilize Facebook almost every day for multiple reasons as the uses of Facebook for businesses are numerous. The same goes for our affiliate companies, Hanson Landscape and Global Priority Cleanup. The number one reason for Facebook use for each company is simple: to stay in touch with our customers and fans. However, there are a few other reasons we utilize Facebook.


Facebook is a great way to advertise, whether it be free or paid. If you are running a page for a company, the more likes you get, the easier it is to connect with your audience. This is one of the easiest and free ways to advertise your business to hundreds or thousands of people. If you’re struggling to reach a large audience, there is always the paid advertising option of Facebook which gives you much more exposure to the world of Facebook, thus allowing you to reach a larger audience.

Staying Connected

As we alluded to earlier in this post, one of the best perks of Facebook is keeping in touch with customers. Since seemingly everybody is on Facebook, it is quite easy to communicate back and forth in multiple formats. These customers can leave reviews, comments, or likes on your Facebook page to help keep in touch with the company. Customer service is a very important feature in every business and Facebook is just another portal in which you can interact with customers and keep them satisfied.

Company News

Another way that Facebook is useful to any business is to keep the customers and fan base up to date with any company news. This goes hand in hand with staying connected and advertising. These types of news blurbs keep the people who have liked your page interested and are a different way to advertise and draw attention to your company.

Here is the link to our Facebook Page. We also have the links for Hanson Landscape and Global Priority Cleanup on Facebook.

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