Our results of the 2013 “PROJECT ARMOR UP” Global Power & Construction and Hanson Landscape hosted a fundraiser in 2013 for the Kane County SWAT TEAM. These are the Armored Vehicles that the money we raised was able to restore and outfit for the SWAT TEAM. Thanks again to all who participated with us [...]

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Midland States Bank Groundbreaking

Our most recent project here at GPC recently began with the groundbreaking ceremony in early December. GPC will be overseeing the building of a brand new bank in Yorkville, Illinois. We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with Midland States Bank to open their new branch in Yorkville. Midland States Bank has [...]

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Results of Project Armor Up

Project Armor Up 2013 took place on November 2, 2013 and was in benefit of the Kane County S.W.A.T. Team for their need to restore the armor on their “Mamba” vehicle. Global Priority Cleanup, Hanson Landscape, and Global Power & Construction were all proud to host the event to help out the great people of [...]

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Interview with Fox Valley Today

Recently our team at Global Priority Cleanup had an interview with Fox Valley Today regarding Project Armor Up 2013 which is in less than a month. Dustin, Brandon and Sarah attended the interview along with a member from the Kane County SWAT Team which are the beneficiaries of the funds raised at the event. For [...]

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Construction Bidding Process

The construction bidding process is one of the most important tasks for any general contractor company. Construction bidding is essentially the process of sending a proposal, which includes multiple parts, to manage a construction project. The entire construction bidding process is broken up into multiple parts due to the fact that it is a multistage [...]

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Current State of Construction Industry

Generally speaking, the current state of the construction industry is a blurred image. Everybody hears about the continual struggles for construction companies after the recession. This article aims to clear up the image of the current state of the construction industry throughout the United States. This first image gives a great overview of the state [...]

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The Uses of Facebook for Businesses

It is no secret that Facebook is the most popular social networking site. With around 1.15 billion users currently registered, it is one of the easiest ways to promote either yourself or your company. At Global Power and Construction, we utilize Facebook almost every day for multiple reasons as the uses of Facebook for businesses [...]

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Building on Trust

Here at GPC, it has always been one of our policies that we go into every project providing the utmost amount of trust to the customer as possible. This is why we have adopted one of our mottoes as "Building on Trust." One way we got this motto out there was through a campaign to [...]

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How Construction and Biohazard Remediation Relate

While it may be evident at this point that we have an affiliate company, Global Priority Cleanup, the advantages of having a construction company partner with a biohazard cleanup company are not well known. Many individuals do not know exactly how construction and biohazard remediation relate in a cleanup scenario. In every single type of [...]

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Housing Bounce

Although it is not directly in our field as we focus more on the commercial construction area, we still like to present any type of positive news in the construction industry as a whole. Forbes recently released information about the construction industry. Put quite simply, the housing bounce and market growth has lead to a [...]

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